Short-term easier cash for emergency

When you require cash for some urgent use in the same day, you want to repay it in a little longer period of three weeks so that your next paycheque is not under much stress of repayment. 21 day payday loans are the option that you can make use of for borrowing of such cash. Approval of the loan usually comes instantly on certain conditions and the loan amount is wired in your bank checking account quickly within few hours.

These loans are called so because you can repay the loan in three weeks in installments in easier manner. While the initial approval of the loan comes for two weeks, until your next payday, you are allowed to repay only the interest charges on the payday. Then, you can stretch the loan for three weeks, if it is convenient to do so for your circumstances. You can also borrow the loan amount three 21 days ahead of your next payday. Thus, while other urgent loans are approved for two weeks, this one gives you loan for three weeks.

21 day payday loans carry a cash amount ranging from £100 to £1500, depending on the monthly paycheque you draw. A pre-requisite of the loan is that you should be employed for at least past six months. There should also be a valid bank checking account in your name.  The loan amount is approved initially for two weeks, until your next payday. But if you fail to repay it on the due date, you can repay the principal loan for three weeks. Or, you can borrow an amount three weeks ahead of your next payday.

However, these are costly loans due to high APR. You should compare as many online lenders so that you can find out competitive offers of the loan. Make sure that the interest rate includes all costs of borrowing of money.

21 day payday loans should be compared on Internet as online lenders are known for better interest rates and overall lower cost of borrowings. Make sure that you repay the cash on the due date so that you do not fall into debts.


21 day payday loans allow you to repay the urgent cash in three weeks. You can borrow the cash without credit checks and its repayment can be made on next payday.