Greater financial support without collateal

Long term unsecured loans are those products that allow the borrowers to repay an amount in longer duration as compared to other such loans that come without collateral. Thus, we can categories the unsecured loans is shorter and longer versions. You can take out the loan for any personal purpose if you are able to prove your credentials and repayment capability.

While the shorter version of an unsecured loan enables you to repay the smaller amount in short period of few weeks or few months, the long-term loans gives you ample time of one year to 15 years to repay the borrowed amount.

Long term unsecured loans are, thus, the source of financial support for the tenants or non-homeowners, as well as homeowners, who want to borrow the money without collateral. Such borrowers are allowed to take out £1000 to £25000, depending on their actual repayment capability. But note that you are unlikely to be approved an amount for more than 15 years without collateral as the lenders see risks in such a loan.

Due to lack of collateral, you are required to borrow the loan at higher interest rate as the lenders want to cover for risks. So, you should be ready to make the repayment with little higher burden of interest charges. There may also be some additional fees involved in borrowing of the finance.

Your bad credit history of payment defaults, late payments, arrears or CCJs, will further encourage the lenders to charge interest at enhanced rate on long term unsecured loans. In fact, if you are willing to borrow at very high rate, approval of the loan will come fast. You should search the Internet for such lenders.

Compare several lenders online so that you can locate few competitive offers of such loans. Go through the terms-conditions of the lenders who are willing to relax their rates and terms-conditions on long term unsecured loans. Repay the loan installments on their due dates to avoid debts and an adverse credit record.


Long term unsecured loans are source of financial assistance for many more years for accomplishments of personal purposes. You can borrow without collateral on the basis of your repayment capability.