Easy repayment of instant cash

When some urgent bills crops up at the time when you do not have much money left in pocket, then short-term loans UK can be suitable options for the salaried class of the UK people. This is because of the instant approval of the loan without credit checks. You can put the loan to use in the same day as the loan amount is electronically deposited into your active bank checking account within hours.

These loans allow you to borrow for a short-term of two weeks. Generally, approval of the loan comes for the period ahead of your next payday. Thus you can repay when you get next paycheque. However, you should be availing monthly or bi-weekly paycheque from current job for past few months and should have valid bank checking account in your name.

Short-term loans UK can provide you smaller amount in the range of £100 to £1500 for two weeks. Thus, you are supposed to repay on getting next paycheque. You can borrow against a post-dated cheque of the loan amount plus interest charges.

An advantageous feature of the loans is that bad credit history does not count as lenders approve the loan instantly without any credit checks. Despite late payments, defaults and CCJs, you can borrow the loan instantly for any urgency.

If you require greater amount of short-term loans UK in the range of £3000 to £25000 for its repayment in short-term of one year to 10 years, then you can borrow without collateral. Such unsecured loans are ideal for tenants or non-homeowners, as they usually do not have a valued property in their name.

A common feature of all types of short-term loans UK is that they carry higher interest rates. So, be prepared to fork out higher interest payments. So, browse as many websites of the lenders in order to search for competitive offers of these loans. Repay the loan on the due date to avoid debts in the coming days.


Short-term loans UK ensure that you can borrow money to repay in short duration for urgency or any regular purposes. Bad credit history is usually not a hurdle in taking out these loans.