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Payday Loans

Payday loans are the simplest way to borrow money fast and easy. Apply for payday loans at Loansx is convenient with money being transferred into you account in the fastest possible time. Payday loans at Loansx are fax less making payday loans even more uncomplicated.

Payday loans are short term loans which are meant to take care of emergency financial urgency. Illness, car repair, special occasions or any other unexpected occurrence can lead to urgent money requirements. Payday loans at Loansx can help you overcome this need easily.

Payday loans are for small amounts ranging from as low as £100-£500. Depending on the repayment ability the amount can go as high as £1500. Since payday loans are short term loans they are expected to be repaid in 14-18 days. However, with Loansx you have the freedom to extend payday loans term.

The payday loans process is fast thereby helping you meet financial emergency then and there. At Loansx payday loans are transferred into the bank account on the same day when the loan application is made. As soon as you submit the application we start the payday loans procedure and transfer the funds as soon as verification is made.

The requirements for payday loans are regular employment and regular income, a valid bank account and age above 18 years. The process for payday loans is kept as simple as possible. For getting payday loans approved, the borrowers do not have to provide any documents. In fact payday loans at our site are “no credit check” loans. Therefore, all borrowers are acceptable for payday loans.

  • Fax less loans with no credit check
  • Minimum requirements for getting approve
  • No credit checks for payday loans
  • Fast, convenient and easy loans for short term financial needs
  • Approved for amounts as high as £1,500