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Secured Loans

UK citizens may now apply through Loansx for Secured Loans and get rid of overdue bills and other needs. These loans are beneficial for those who have some valuable asset to pledge as security against the desired loan amount. Applying through us you may get low interest rate loans with flexible repayment options.

Applying for this loan requires you to pledge house, car, bonds or any other asset as collateral with the lender or broker. The approval of required loan amount depends on the value of the pledged valuable. Income and repayment ability are two other factors that may decide how much loan amount you may obtain. With flexible repayment terms and conditions, you may choose repayment mode that might be extended on your request. These loans are just the perfect financial remedy for homeowners seeking urgent monetary help.

You may apply through us to acquire cash quickly. Online application process may hardly take your few minutes. Fill up the form with correct and complete details. You may get an approval of secured loans as soon as the verification process is completed. After carefully analyzing the application form and evaluation of collateral, our associates may deposit loan amount either to your bank or give as cheque.

Applications from people with less than perfect credit scores are also acceptable by lenders and brokers associated with us. Those tagged with defaults, bankruptcy, arrears, CCJs or foreclosures may find secured loans by applying through us. Though most of the lenders run credit check, a few loan providers offer no credit check to borrowers who are able to provide a guarantor.