Applying through Loansx a borrower may choose from the loan deals enlisted:

Personal loans:
Personal loans can be used to take care of all expenses and for any amount of expenses. These loans have the most flexible repayment structure to fix into your budget.

Secured loans:
Secured loans require a security for loan amount. Secured loan demands collateral such as property, home, car or ant other valuable asset depending on which amount is sanctioned.

Unsecured loans:
Tenants and non homeowners can apply for this loan type. Unsecured loans have no such requirement of a security plus have fast processing and provide cash without any delay.

Car loans:
Car loans provide loans for a specific purpose, that is, for buying cars. Car loans are short term loans that enable borrowers to purchase their dream car.

Bad credit loans:
Bad credit loans are loans for borrowers having less than credit history or low credit score. These loans enable borrowers to fulfil their financial obligation at reasonable interest rates irrspective of previous credit history.

Debt consolidation loans:
Debt consolidation loans consolidate several loans into single consolidated loan at lower interest rates. These loans enable borrowers to manage their finances in a positive way.

Business loans:
Business loans are used for business purposes like starting a new business, meeting day to day capital requirements, financing a merger, acquiring new machines or buying office furniture. These loans may be procured under both secured and unsecured format.

Home improvement loans:
A home improvement loan is taken in order to finance renovations and improvement without any monetary hassles. The cost of home improvement is spread over a certain period in the form of easy monthly payments.

Remortgage is the process of refinancing a mortgage in order to get better interest rates, raising capital, consolidation of debts, and change from endowment to repayment mortgages.

Bridging loan:
When you are caught in a situation where you purchased a home without selling one then bridging loans can help you. It is a cost effective way to overcome short financial scarcity faster.

Homeowner loans:
Homeowner loans are loans which are sanctioned against your home. Only those having home may apply for this loan.

Mortgages refer to secured loans that are sanctioned against your home. Mortgages help you to borrow larger amounts at comparatively lower interest rates and better repayment terms.

Payday loans:
Payday loans are short term loans which help borrowers to tackle financial problems that come before next payday.